Did you know that all gas work requires an accredited and fully licensed gas fitter to carry out the work? This is the law in South Australia.

Only licensed gas fitters can do work on gas appliances and gas installations and this applies to most work on your property, whether it is your home, rental property, business, caravan or boat

Generally the only exception to this rule is, provided you have to skills to safely do so, you can connect or disconnect a gas cylinder and portable equipment that uses a gas cylinder, eg a BBQ or patio heater.

If you do gas work without a license, you may receive a fine. It is also extremely dangerous for you and can result in serious injury or even death. Insurance companies do not cover fire or personal injury claims caused by do-it-yourself gas work.

When any gas work is carried out you need to keep your certificate of compliance and the invoice for the work, as proof that the work was done correctly, for at least five years.